how a weekly massage can change your life

Understanding What A Restorative Massage Can Give Back To You

You may hear the term "restorative massage" and wonder what it means. Many people know some of the basics of massage therapy, but they don't understand its core function. That function is healing, not simply relaxation as some believe. Healing implies restoration. Here's what a restorative massage can give back to you.

Restoring Circulation – Massage improves blood circulation. Many massage techniques exist for that specific purpose. With improvement in circulation also comes various other helpful physical improvements as well.

  • Speeds up healing
  • Improved delivery of oxygen
  • Improved delivery of nutrients
  • Lowers blood pressure

These improvements to your blood circulation lead to even more improvements besides. For example, improving the ability of your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to places like your legs and feet can improve can eliminate pain and problems in those areas.

Restoring Flexibility – Massage can stretch your muscle fibers to help promote and improve your flexibility. This is ideal for those that lose some flexibility due to age or injury. But it's just as important for those that would like to maintain or improve on their current flexibility.

Restoring Movement and Range of Motion – Just like with flexibility, massage can restore and improve your movement and range of motion. As the body engages in repetitive tasks, muscles can become more and more tight. This tightness restricts movement and range of motion.

Massage can break up that sticky muscle tissue to restore movement and improve on it. This also goes for those who are experiencing a lack of full motion because of injury. With restored flexibility and motion, you don't have to worry about your active life literally cramping your style.

Restoring Balance – Balance isn't just a new age invention. It's something that your body requires to function properly. A lot of sickness, unhealthiness, and performance deterioration can occur when a body is unbalanced. By using massage to heal and restore functions of the body that are veering off course, you promote balance.

Restoring Peace – Restoring peace is also within purview of professional massage. A body out of balance or one that's suffering from pain does not make for a peaceful person. Restoring peace is one of the things that massage is best known for.

Massage is relaxing, therapeutic, and mentally soothing. Even if you don't feel you need the healing associated with massage, you can still benefit from the peacefulness that comes from a professional massage.

Massage Can Restore Even More

There's a lot more that massage can do as well. In general, if it has to do with motion, physicality, or overall health, there's likely a massage technique that can help. Massage isn't only restorative; it's a preventive measure as well. It's a way to both benefit and reward your body. If you have specific questions about how massage therapy could benefit you, contact a business like Mana Massage.

However, you have to choose a massage therapy facility with trained, professional staff. Just like any other form of physical therapy, the effectiveness of your massage has a lot to do with who's performing the technique.

In addition, remember that massage is not a cure-all. It's a part of a total effort, which includes diet, exercise, and generally taking care of yourself. Ask your massage therapist what you can do between visits to make sure the massage therapy will continue to work for you.