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Can Massage Therapy Help With Your Migraines?

Many patients with migraines do not get full relief from the medications they are prescribed. As such, they start to explore other alternative therapies that can further ease their migraine attacks or reduce the severity of their migraines. One such therapy is massage therapy. Massages are enjoyable and generally affordable, and they are safe. Plus, they can ease migraines in a number of different ways.

1. By directly relaxing the muscles.

Although scientists are not entirely sure what causes migraines, they do seem to be associated with tension in the neck and the base of the skull. In other words, if you carry a lot of tension in your neck and the base of your skull, then this may eventually lead to a migraine. A massage therapist can spend a lot of time in this area, working on the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and the base of your head. In relieving the tension in these areas, they reduce pressure on the nerves in the area, which should mean you get fewer migraines in the weeks that follow.

2. By reducing stress.

Everyday life can be stressful. Between work, family obligations, and your personal life, you may always feel like you have something to do and no good way to escape the stress. All of this stress can lead to more migraines. Massage can go a long way towards alleviating that stress. Many massage therapists use aromatherapy and calming music to make the whole experience stress-relieving. The massage itself also reduces tension throughout the body, and relieving physical stress often automatically triggers a reduction in mental stress. As your stress levels fall, so should your incidence of migraines. If you're able to keep your stress levels low by default through periodic massages, you should notice a marked difference.

3. By encouraging more activity.

Light to moderate physical activity can help ward off migraines. It's hard to be physically active if you are stiff and sore. However, regular massages can help loosen your muscles so you are better able to be active. You'll have an easier time going to the gym or even taking regular walks after a massage, and that should help with your migraines as well.

Massage is a great tool for migraine relief. Be sure to tell your massage therapist about your migraines. This way, they can do strokes and movement that are most likely to help with your condition.