Signs Of Lymphatic Dysfunction & What Can Help

The lymphatic system is important for your overall well-being and health. It's responsible for protection from illness, removing waste from your extracellular matrix, and maintaining fluid levels throughout your body. A lymphatic system dysfunction or blockage can result in symptoms like water retention, sluggishness, bloating, and weight gain.  Lymphatic massage can help in unblocking the lymphatic system. Here's what you need to know if you are considering a lymphatic massage to drain your lymphatic system.

4 Reasons You Should Incorporate Massage Therapy Into Your Wellness Routine

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in hundreds of simple ways. It might not be easy to pinpoint the particular ways that the social distancing rules changed lives, but they become apparent every time you get back the freedom to do something. For example, with the lifting of the lockdowns and the opening of the hospitality industry, it has become easier to book a massage and get your body some much-needed therapy.