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Come Out Baby! 4 Ways Reflexology Can Help Get Labor Started

Being pregnant and overdue can feel downright miserable. Doctors often encourage women to walk as a way to get labor started. However, there's just so far you can walk before you just don't want to do it anymore. If you've walked just as far as you can go, and labor still hasn't started, you may want to take a look at the benefits of reflexology.

Not sure what reflexology is? It's a type of massage therapy that uses natural pressure points on the body to heal what ails you. If you're overdue, and your doctor has cleared you, here's how reflexology can help you get labor started.

Point to the Thumb

You want to get labor started. Try applying direct pressure to the center of your thumbs. The pressure stimulates the pituitary gland, which causes it to release oxytocin. If you're not sure what oxytocin does, it's time hormone that gets contractions started. Simply press your index finger against the center of your thumb and hold pressure for about 3 minutes. Release the pressure and then switch to the other thumb.

Put Pressure on the Webbing

Once you get the contractions started, you want them to continue. That's when you put pressure on the webbing between the thumb and index finger. Applying pressure to the webbing stimulates the large intestine, which in turn applies pressure to the uterus to keep contractions going.

Place the thumb and index fingers of your left hand on the webbing between the thumb and index fingers on your right hand. Apply pressure to the webbing. Once you feel pressure on the webbing, massage the area in a circular motion for several seconds. Release and repeat on the opposite hand. Continue doing this until the contractions are constant on their own.

Reach for the Ankle

Now that the contractions are constant, you want to work on ripening the cervix and bringing the baby down. This is where your ankles will come into play. Since you probably won't be able to reach your ankles comfortably, you'll need someone to help with this one.

Locate the space between your ankle bone and your Achilles tendon. Place a thumb on one side and an index finger on the other side. Press firmly until you can feel constant pressure. Continue applying pressure for several seconds. Repeat the process several times.

You want labor to start. Unfortunately, your body has other plans. If you've talked to your doctor, and you have no health problems, use the pressure points described above to help you get labor started.

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