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Times That You Should Specify A Deep Tissue Massage When You Schedule An Appointment

Massage therapy can provide you with many healing benefits, including allowing you to relax and release stress during your appointment. Several types of massage, including the conventional Swedish massage, are optimal for people who are stressed. When it comes to deep tissue massage, this isn't necessarily a treatment that is relaxing — but it is definitely one that will help give you the results that you desire. Deep tissue massage isn't for everyone, and while your massage therapist may ask you if he or she can apply deeper pressure in certain areas, these times will conventionally call for a full session of this type of massage.

You Have An Athletic Build

Deep tissue massage can be highly beneficial — and often, absolutely necessary — for those who have athletic builds. When your muscles are strong and developed, it's not as easy for your massage therapist to release a restriction in any given muscle with conventional pressure. In these cases, he or she will often have to rely on deep tissue techniques. These techniques can include the use of elbows, knuckles and forearms, all pushed into your muscles in such a way that helps to alleviate the discomfort deep inside your strong muscles.

You Have A Deeper Muscle Injury

When you kink a muscle in a minor way and can feel the sore area on the surface of your muscle, your massage therapist can often treat it by applying very little pressure during the massage. However, in the case of a muscle injury that is more severe, the pain will often be deeper within the muscle. In this case, the therapist will be unable to reach the knot in the muscle with basic pressure, and will need to exert more pressure on the affected area to be able to reach the part of the muscle that is in distress.

Your Muscles Are Just Plain Hard

Everyone has a different physique, and some people simply have harder muscles than others — and this isn't necessarily related to muscle strength. If you've ever had a massage and had your therapist comment that your muscles are hard, you'll likely need to request deep tissue massages when you schedule appointments in the future. It's always ideal to specify that you wish this type of massage when you make the appointment, as some therapists at each clinic (like Gulf Coast Massage & Skin Care) specialize in these specific techniques that will be able to help you.