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4 Tips For Starting Cupping While Breastfeeding

Many people find cupping to be a beneficial therapy in treating ailments that postpartum women traditionally suffer. For example, cupping can help break up cellulite to help women get their pre-pregnancy body back. It can aid in digestion and help relieve sciatica pain, often associated with weight gain from pregnancy and pressure during childbirth. It may also help with back pain associated with carrying a newborn and the extra weight of engorged breasts for breastfeeding mothers. However, if you are thinking of starting cupping therapy while you are breastfeeding your baby, there are some things you should keep in mind. 

Get Clearance From Your OB First 

Your body will be recovering from birth for several weeks after you give birth. You will be losing large amounts of fluid, your joints will be becoming more stable, and your uterus will be shrinking. You should get permission from your OB before beginning cupping therapy. For many women, this occurs after the 6-week postpartum checkup, when you will also be likely cleared for exercise. However, you can talk to your OB if you want to start sooner. 

​Avoid Incision Areas If You Had a Cesarean Section

Your cupping therapist should avoid pulling on tissue near your incision if you had a cesarean section. You may have to delay therapy on your abdomen and lower back until your surgery site has healed completely. 

Consider Bottle Feeding for the First Few Days of Treatment

Cupping gently breaks down tissue in your body, which can release toxins that are currently being stored in your fat and connective tissues into your bloodstream. These toxins can make you feel slightly ill during the first few days after your initial treatment, and they may be able to pass into breast milk. To prepare for your first cupping session, you should create a store of breast milk to feed your child and be prepared to express and dispose of your milk to keep your supply up. 

Start With Gentle, Comfortable Techniques 

Cupping does not have to be intense or painful to be effective. When you are beginning, you should start with gentle suction. While results may take longer to achieve with a gentle approach, it is important to recognize that your body is still under stress from healing from pregnancy and birth, so you should be as gentle as possible. As you get used to the therapy, your therapist can increase the intensity of your sessions. 

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