how a weekly massage can change your life

Include Massage To Make A Wellness-Focused Day At Work

When you run a company, the health and wellness of your employees can keep the company productive and profitable. It's one thing to verbally encourage your staff to be healthy, but another thing altogether to actively play a role in their health by organizing a wellness day on occasion. Just as a company picnic can be good for morale, a wellness day can make your staff happy and healthy, and you can accomplish this goal by partnering with a local massage therapy clinic. Here are some suggestions for organizing your wellness-focused day at the office.

Offer On-Site Massages

Many massage clinics offer house and office calls, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a clinic that can send a few therapists to your office for your wellness day. They can then each set up massage chairs in different rooms to treat your staff to short office chair massages. In advance of the wellness day, staff members can sign up for different time slots and enjoy experiencing the healing benefits of massage. While you can have your staff pay for their massages, it's nice if you can cover the treatments as an incentive for people to experience this type of healing and wellness.

Provide Education

Given that massage therapists at many clinics also offer wellness-related workshops, try to find a therapist who can give a short tutorial to your staff members in a different room. For example, you might ask the seminar to focus on self-massage techniques that can be used in the workplace. If someone on your staff gets stiff and sore from sitting for a long time, this seminar will give him or her the skills to enjoy some self-massage. Additionally, your staff members can learn how to massage themselves while seated to promote stress relief, which can be valuable if you run a deadline-driven business.

Include Other Wellness Elements

Beyond the massage-focused elements, bolster your wellness day by including other things that are beneficial to your staff's physical and mental health. For example, you may wish to have a healthy catering company deliver a variety of food options for lunch. This will encourage people to eat healthy for at least one meal, which can leave them feeling energized. You may also wish to organize other elements, whether it's a yoga class in the boardroom or a game of soccer on the grass behind the office. In addition to helping your staff be healthy, the wellness day will also show staff members that you're investing in their health.