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Three Advantages Of A Chair Massage When You'Re Tight For Time

Although you might often book a massage when your muscles are tight, there can also be times that you're tight for time. If you don't have a lot of spare time to devote to the appointment, a chair massage might be the right choice for you. Although this type of treatment is often associated with taking place in the workplace, many practitioners also offer it in their clinics. This means that when you call to schedule your appointment, you can specify that you'd like to have a chair massage instead of a conventional massage. Here are three advantages for the former type of treatment when you're tight on time.

The Appointments Are Typically Shorter

While you may be able to book a longer chair massage at your preferred clinic, many massage therapists offer shorter times for this type of treatment. While you might commonly book your conventional massages for an hour at a time, chair massages are generally much shorter. This is because the number of muscle groups that a massage therapist can target is less with a chair massage. Whereas your therapist can work on your entire body when you're lying on a table, he or she will mainly work on your shoulders, neck, and back while you're in the chair. Although each clinic structures its chair massages differently, you may be able to find 20-minute appointments.

No Cleanup From Oils

One of the elements that you'll experience when you have a conventional massage is needing to remove the oils from your skin. At the conclusion of your appointment, the therapist will often use towels to wipe up excess oil. However, depending on how you want your skin to feel, you might wish to also take a shower — either at the clinic, if such facilities are available, or at home — before you continue with your day. In either case, the shower can eat into your spare time, which isn't ideal if you don't have much of it. A chair massage doesn't involve oil, which means that you'll be ready to resume your day as soon as the session is complete.

No Fussing With Your Appearance

If you're really tight on time, you'll favor a chair massage because you remain dressed during the treatment. Additionally, your hair and makeup won't get disturbed because the therapist won't often work on your head and face. With a conventional massage, you'll typically disrobe down to your underwear or beyond. This means that after the session, you'll need to spend a few minutes getting dressed, as well as redoing your hair or makeup.

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