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Feeling Self-Conscious As Your Massage Appointment Approaches?

Your first massage therapy appointment is looming, but you're feeling a unique mixture of emotions. You're excited, and you know the massage will make you feel better, but you're also feeling a bit self-conscious. This is pretty common. The information and tips below will help ease your feelings of self-consciousness and ensure that your appointment is as enjoyable as possible.

You don't need to get naked.

You may find yourself feeling worried about the idea of stripping down naked in front of your massage therapist. Here's the good news: if you're not comfortable getting naked, you do not have to. Your massage therapist will typically ask you to take off only as much clothing as you feel comfortable removing.

If you feel most comfortable leaving your underwear on, that's no problem at all. Your therapist may be able to go a better job of massaging your glutes and hip area if you remove your underwear, but it's completely up to you whether you do so. Bear in mind, also, that your massage therapist is a trained medical professional and will not be phased if you do decide to strip down completely.

You can avoid having certain areas massaged if you prefer.

Do you feel uncomfortable having someone touch certain areas of your body? You can tell your massage therapist to avoid those areas if you prefer. They should respect your wishes and won't ask any questions. Massage therapists are open to customizing their massages to your needs, so your request is just part of that.

They will use drapes.

Remember, too, that regardless of whether you are naked or partially clothed, your massage therapist will not have you laying exposed on a table as you see in the movies. Rather, your body will be draped with several layers of covers, and your therapist will simply remove the covers over various parts of your body as they work on them.

For example, when they are massaging your left leg, they will only expose your left leg. This makes most people feel a lot more comfortable and confident during the session, especially if you're a bit shy about exposing your body. 

Swedish massages are meant to be enjoyable, and your massage therapist will do everything they can to make sure yours is. That includes taking measures to protect your modesty and prevent embarrassment. Don't let these concerns make you nervous in the days leading up to your appointment.