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What Sets Deep Tissue Massage Apart From Other Modalities?

There are lots of types of massage to choose from out there, and deep tissue massage is just one of them. But deep tissue massage has a tendency to wow the people who receive it due to its various benefits. If you're wondering what these are, then read this simple guide to find out.

Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Deep tissue massage is useful for loosening muscles, but all massage therapies can say that. What sets deep tissue massage apart is that it's useful in breaking up scar tissue.

When the body is damaged, it tries to repair itself by building new tissue wherever the damage occurred. However, it often develops scar tissue. Scar tissue is less flexible and pliable than standard tissues, whether it's the muscle or skin layer. This can make it hard to stretch and flex and can create pain.

Deep tissue massage helps to break up scar tissue so that it's less binding and that the body can then begin to heal itself anew.

Loosens Ligaments and Tendons

Massage therapy that doesn't go deep can't reach the ligaments and tendons the way that a deep massage can. While people typically think that muscles are responsible for pain and tightness in the body, ligaments and tendons can be overly tight, too.

When this happens, one of the only things that can help is deep tissue massage. It gets right in there and uses the same techniques that are helpful in loosening muscles to loosen the tendon or ligament.

Heel Spurs

Lastly, it might surprise you, but deep tissue therapy has been shown to be helpful for certain type of bone health ailments, too. Specifically, heel spurs.

Heel spurs develop when too much pressure is applied to a specific part of the foot on a regular basis. This can cause extra bone cells to grow as an effort for the body to protect itself. Unfortunately, that lump of bone is quite painful to stand or walk on, which makes it a big problem.

Heel spurs can be aided by a deep tissue massage. Having one can help to reduce the inflammation in the tissue around the spur and reduces discomfort and pain that you may be experiencing.

In short, deep tissue massage can offer many of the same benefits as other massage modalities, and some that are all its own. If you haven't tried deep tissue massage before and have one of these problems, maybe you should consider changing that. Get in touch with a professional masseuse like those at The Essence of Massage and get the help that you need.