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Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Preparing To Flush And Restore

Your lymphatic system is both a reservoir and filtration system of toxic buildup in the body. If you suffer from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), insomnia, or lymphedema, draining the lymphatic system can help you manage your conditions.

Here are some things to consider if thinking about lymphatic drainage massage.

Deep Breathing and Hydration

In order for lymphatic drainage massage to deliver results, your body must be receptive to the treatment. This can be achieved by focusing on deep breathing and proper hydration.

  • Belly Breaths: Oxygen is the catalyst for most bodily functions. When it comes to the lymphatic system, engaging in deep breathing will oxygenate your internal organs and help stimulate blood flow. Most massage therapists will help their patients engage in deep breathing by having them place their pointer fingers on their naval. The goal of this exercise is to breathe deeply enough to make your pointer fingers rise discernibly with each cycle of breath. Deep breathing will also help you relax, making your muscle more pliable for massaging.
  • Electrolyte Flush: In addition to oxygen, your body needs a steady supply of water to keep things flowing in your body. For many massage therapists, this means encouraging their patients to load up on the electrolytes your muscles need to retain water. To boost your electrolyte levels, you can opt for sports drinks, but those can be loaded with sugar. For a less sugary option, many massage therapists recommend taking one salt tablet per day in the days leading up your appointment. You can also look to the baby section in your local grocery store for electrolyte replacement drinks. Regardless of what you choose, it's critical to hydrate gradually and responsibly. Chugging a gallon of water before your massage won't get the job done.

Clean Shaven and Rested

Although lymphatic drainage massages are generally gentle, you need to come to your appointment rested and clean shaven.

  • Trimmed up: Lymphatic drainage massages focus on pinch points on the body. Thus, your armpits and groin creases will likely be worked on during your massage. Trimming up these areas will help you avoid embarrassment and also prevent potentially painful hair pulling.
  • Primed: Lymphatic drainage massages work best when you're well-rested. Not only should you aim to get a good night of sleep before your massage, but you should also hold off on intense workouts the day before your massage.

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